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Trash is not only unsightly, but dangerous; broken glass and other sharp objects disposed of improperly can end up injuring children and others. In a survey done in early 2006, Xela AID found that there were no public trash cans in San Martin Chiquito. Xela AID helped to change that in July of 2006 with the installation of the very first trash can in the village, right in front of its June Russel-Glennon Clinic. More followed, sturdy-made of steel, and cemented into the ground to last.

Partnering with local community leaders to install at key locations, Xela AID began with this project to engender a tradition of keeping trash in its place. The local council of the village continues to empty the cans and repair when needed.

Thanks to the following donors who helped keep dangerous and unsightly waste off the streets and out of the reach of children by sponsoring a trash can for the "San Martin CLEAN" campaign.

Mel Dinkel
Addie Martini
Sandra Peterson
Lillian & Elizabeth Pattison for Fran Page & Family
Marilyn S. Vanier
Leslie Baer Dinkel
Jackie McDougall
Ann Muscat
Carlos de la Rosa
Lenny Altherr
Scott Dennis
Jane Pulsinelli
Chris Crow
Erica Cushing
Luis Enrique de Leon
Amalia Vasquez Perez
Patrick Little
Laura Bokesch
Matt Kopac