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The 16th Century philosopher Desiderius Erasmus might have had a complicated name, but his message was clear and simple and survives as wisdom today: "Prevention is better than cure." Xela AID recognizes that this is true on so many levels, and so, since its inception, has focused on preventing illness before it occurs, and in doing so, removing a formidable obstacle to learning.

Its earliest projects brought preventative health care to isolated communities in the Guatemalan highlands, tested clean water systems in homes; and replaced dirty-burning cooking fires that caused respiratory and other health issues with clean-burning stoves that also minimized environmental impact.

Currently, Xela AID uses multiple strategies to address malnutrition before it occurs, and focuses on teaching hygiene to avoid illness. Partnering with local government, Xela AID implements a hearty vaccination program. It also offers family planning services and contraception.

As additional resources become available, Xela AID will continue to expand its prevention programs and services since truly, prevention is "better than cure."