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 " Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care
is the most shocking and inhumane."

– Martin Luther King, JR.

Since 1992, Xela AID has been dedicated to partnering locally with the San Martin Community to remove the health, environmental and socio-economic barriers to well-being and learning. Each year Xela AID serves more than 6,000 people through all its programs, a full 20 percent of the local population. In an average year, we routinely save lives by treating various infections and treating diabetes; in that same year we will rid 900 children of worms, and another 300 of lice. We provide low- to no-cost family planning services, and all of our services are provided on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. For many of the people we serve, Xela AID is the ONLY option for health care.

Our clinic is open five days each week, offering general medicine, specialty services provided by visiting physicians, and support of local midwives who attend 70 percent of all rural births.  

Over the years, we have learned that health services are absolutely critical to the success of all other Xela AID programs. This is because children who are sick cannot learn, nor ill parents provide for their families or support their children for school.

Xela AID recognizes that substantive, lasting change requires its constituents be empowered with the necessary health, information, skills, resources and confidence to take charge of their own lives. Health is key.

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