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Optometry and dentistry are two key facets of family health services that Xela AID provides by teaming with partners.

OPTOMETRY - Volunteer Optometrists Serving Humanity (VOSH), a network of volunteers throughout the United States, is one of Xela AID’s common partners. Working with VOSH at Xela AID’s clinic, up to 600 patients are often seen in a week. VOSH trips
restore sight and livelihood.

DENTISTRY - Quality dentistry is in short supply in rural Guatemala, and access to dental services is non-existent most rural communities. The majority of children in rural areas go years, some decades, without receiving dental care; and it is common practice to remove ailing teeth rather than fill them—a practice Xela AID has replaced with filling and caring for teeth.   

Since its inception, Xela AID has provided dental services in rural communities. Today, the project provides a dentist one day each week at its June Russel-Glennon Clinic to address the most urgent cases, and aims to expand services as funding permits.

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