Small Business Development
Weavers' Cooperative
Animal Husbandry
"El Comal" of San Martin Chile Verde





Xela AID has worked to empower numerous local groups to become independent through the development of small businesses, including:
• Chicken and egg production - To combat protein deficiencies and sell locally
• Medicinal Herbs - Used to fabricate medicated creams, cough drops and shampoos
• Food production - Chile pimiento and tomatoes
• Weavings - Production, export

Currently, the project works with two groups of exceptionally economically disadvantaged women: "Las Hermosas," in food production; and "Los Tesoros del Corazon" weaving cooperative.

Future Initiatives - Xela AID commonly receives requests for assistance, which are in various stages of review and funding, and which are being evaluated for their overall value to the individuals, the community, and sustainability.

Based on experience since 1992, Xela AID does not give funds or resources, but provides seed investment which is repaid, engendering pride, ownership, and a sustainable model.

In each of the new initiatives highlighted in this section, Xela AID has, or would provide resources to launch a small business in the form of a micro-loan, instruction, and a minimum of oversight/feedback for a limited amount of time, with a formal agreement in place for repayment of the investment so that the individuals involved have full ownership and commitment to the project. This also ensures that funds are available in perpetuity for new projects in the community.