Save Lives with Us! Join Xela AID’s A-Team

In rural Guatemala, a full 80 percent of the population has inadequate access to healthcare and medicines. You can change that for 30,000 people for as little as $10 per month! Last year, Xela AID’s medical staff provided care to 5400 patients, including more than 3,000 hours of counseling. We saved lives, too—including that of a little girl named Anna, age 2, when our screening revealed she needed heart surgery and we were able to secure it.

You can bring life-saving help to thousands of children like Anna each year by joining our A Team and funding doctors and providing medicines through a reoccurring donation of just $10 per month or more!

Save a life for the cost of a couple of lattes each month? Yes you can, and yes, that’s amazing!

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