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My name is Yeimy Fabiola, I'm 15 years old and I finished middle school this year. My favorite subjet in school is Language. I have 6 brothers and I'm the youngest of the 7. My father works as an electrician and my mother is a housewife. My biggest dream is to become a registered nurse to help many sick people. I've seen that not all nurses in my country are nige or gentle with their patients and I'd like to be an efficient and nice nurse. Thanks for your support for me. My brother Elmer is the one who supports me with my education, but he has his own expenses and that's why I need this scholarship. Thanks for supporting me and contributing to help accomplish my goals. I'm studying every day in the mornings at a private school because there are no public schools here. I travel to San Juan Octunalco everyday. I'm studying a 2-year program. Thanks for your support!

 $ 700 Yearly