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Long Beach
United States
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Rachel Brucker  $ 375 2017-12-20


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Lucía is 10 years old and she’s in 5th grade. She lives with 5 siblings at home and she’s right in the middle. One of her brothers and one of her sisters are studying.  The other two are younger; they’re not attending school yet. She likes to play “cooking” with her siblings.  Her favorite subject in school is Math.  She’d like to continue studying and become a lawyer one day, because she wants to defend people who are not guilty, so that they don’t go to jail.  Her father works in the fields with different crops, but he doesn’t earn enough money to support her family.  Thank you for your support!


 $ 390 Yearly
Sponsor Info Amount Date
Rachel Brucker  $ 375 2017-12-20