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Sheily Vanessa Mendez Gomez, 21 years old, comes from a hard-working family. Her father is a bus driver and her mother is a housewife. Sheily works in the afternoon in a bakery shop. She is a person who has moved ahead with a lot of hard work and effort.

Sheily’s mother worked a whole year to pay the tuition of her daughter’s last year in high school. She graduated as “Perito Contador” (accounting). She also belonged to the third generation of leaders, where she learned many things and developed her leadership skills. She’s now in the 5th semester of Business Administration and she needs 3 more semesters to finish her degree. Sheily is also studying English as a requirement from college. She would like to have one day the Master degree; but first she wants to finish college and being able to have a good job to help her family.

She really enjoys playing soccer and meeting new people. She wants to have her own company in the future. She says, "Thanks for supporting me to accomplish my goal!"


 $ 1,200 Yearly