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Part 1 - Our Pledge

Welcome to the Application for an upcoming Local Hope service trip. We look forward to traveling with you!
Among its various mission-based pursuits, Local Hope organizes and implements International Volunteer Service Trips. We do this for a number of service organizations, churches, and other groups, as well as run trips for groups we gather. We are devoted to international community development and empowerment, and while in the process, to providing “profoundly enriching experiences for volunteers.” As such, trips we organize are group-oriented. In consideration of fellow travelers and the good work we intend to accomplish, those selected as team members are required to take the following Pledge.

We want every participant to have an excellent experience. If you are comfortable with the following Pledge, this Volunteer Trip is likely a good fit for you. The converse is also true, so we ask that if you feel uncertain about any part of the Pledge, please discuss any concerns with a Trip Leader prior to completing a trip application.

We look forward to reviewing your application.


Health and Re-Entry Policy

1. RE-ENTRY - I will abide by any vaccination policy pertinent to re-enter my home country, and understand that I am solely responsible for completing paperwork or presenting proof required, if any, to re-enter.

2. GROUP HEALTH - If I have cold or flu symptoms during my Local Hope experiences, including a runny nose, fever, headache, cough, or other symptoms, I agree to mask, wash hands frequently, and take related precautions to assist in ensuring group health.

*** Orientation - A formal orientation will be held some months prior to each trip and is conducted by Zoom. Your orientation will require a three-hour commitment.

Part 2 - Applicant’s Information


Practice for Spanish Speakers: Want to improve your Spanish while supporting a student in school? Our Practice Partner will help you improve by chatting with you while you serve!

Back-Strap Weaving: Try your hand at the ancient art of Mayan back-strap weaving. Includes a one-on-one session of 3 hours, and you get to keep the authentic loom!

Mayan Cooking: Shop in a traditional market and learn a Mayan recipe from our Master Chef during this 2-3 hour experience.

Mayan Ceremony: Join us to honor “the energies of the days” in a ceremony by traditional Day Keeper Eliú while helping preserve this fascinating cultural practice

Emergency Contact/Health Information Form

Medical conditions: Medical treatment may not be available near work sites, so it is important to list special medical conditions that apply. Certain vaccinations are required for ALL participants including measles/mumps/rubella, polio, tetanus. Ask your physician about hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

Special Diet? Vegetarians, please note: Vegetarian fare may limited or unavailable in some locations. If you need certain foods, you may need to bring a private supply.

Wearable Branded Items (“Swag”)

One swag item comes with your trip. One Branded Shirt is required, so if you do not have one at this time, please select a style of shirt (Male- or Female-style) and size. If you have traveled with us before and already have a shirt, you may select a shirt or a different item including a Vest, Stonewash Cap or Tote (additional cost may apply).


Part 3 - Trip Costs, What’s Included and Policies

What's Included

See Details in trip description

What's Not Included

1) Airfare. You’ll need to purchase your tickets and arrive with the group or prior if you are not traveling on the group schedule. 2) Meals not mentioned in what is Hosted in the Detail section of this trip description 3) Trip Cancellation Insurance that will cover all costs, including Local Hope costs (recommended). 4) Single Room Supplement if for any reason you room alone. 5) Other Costs resulting from late arrival, personal other. 6) Specialized supplies to complete your custom project. 7) Personal other.

Refund Policy

Your $500 deposit is a donation integral to our planning since it is used to book hotels and transportation, purchase supplies, and to pay our caring staff who expend considerable time and effort planning a wonderful experience for you. Your deposit is therefore non-refundable if for any reason your plans should change. For these reasons, we strongly advise that you purchase trip cancellation insurance. The balance of fees are refundable as follows (See Exceptions): 100% within 91 days of travel; 50% within 61 days of travel, and 25% within 31 days of travel. We regret that we cannot refund monies within 30 days of travel. Exceptions: In the case of a natural disaster or travel ban imposed by the U.S. or destination country government, and/or flight cancellations due to such restrictions, our trip together will be rescheduled and we will offer you full credit toward this or a future service trip with Local Hope within two years. Thank you for your support and understanding. Please note that as a traveler  for our non-profit organization, 100% of your contribution and expenses may be tax deductible (please consult your tax professional). A tax receipt for the full amount contributed through Local Hope is provided by January 31 of the year following your participation. We suggest you keep a copy of meal receipts and airfare which may also be fully tax deductible.


We are here to answer any questions you may have. The Local Hope office is generally open M-F 9:00-5:00, and may be closed when we are traveling internationally. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us at, or (714) 232-8669.

Release of Liability/Service Trip Participation

This Agreement is made today, the date of this application, by and between the Applicant and Local Hope / Xela AID Partnerships for Self Reliance (“Local Hope”) and any group ("Third Party") for which Local Hope has organized a Volunteer Service Trip.

(1) PARTICIPATION - I acknowledge that my participation is strictly voluntary, and further recognize the inherent risks associated with international travel. Accordingly, I agree to assume any and all risks relating to my participation in this Service Trip. I understand and acknowledge that my participation is in the capacity of a Volunteer and that nothing contained herein or in any additional document executed in connection herewith shall be construed to create an employer-employee partnership or joint venture relationship with Local Hope or Third Party, either now or at any time in the future. Additionally, I am advised that while traveling with Local Hope and Third Party where applicable, I am acting as an ambassador, and that inappropriate actions on my part even if well intended could inure harm to Local Hope, Third Party and other partner organizations. I thereby agree to follow the guidelines distributed during Orientation, and not to violate any law in the U.S. or abroad in connection with this Trip.

(2) APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR - I will not during said Trip: (a) Become involved in any political movement; (b) Proselytize; (c) Give nor promise funding to any individual or organization within Local Hope's service area with whom I have no connection prior and distinct from this Service Trip; (d) undertake these activities involving any member of Local Hope’s staff or a program participant should I return in the future; or (e) Harass or demean or make unwanted sexual advances on any fellow team member or anyone I come in contact with for the duration of the Volunteer experience.

(3) APPROPRIATE BOUNDARIES - Should I be asked for money or passage to the United States, I will report this immediately to a Trip Leader. Should I wish to help an individual or group I have met while on this Service Trip, I will work through the well-established and carefully managed program structure of the Local Hope organization.

(4) ORIENTATION - I agree to attend the mandatory Orientation and understand that it is a requirement of participation in this Service Trip.

(5) HOLD HARMLESS - I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Local Hope and, if any, Third Party directors, agents, employees and staff from and against any and all costs, liability, demands, claims, damage and expenses of any nature or any kind incurred in connection with my participation as a Volunteer. I understand that this Release of Liability and Service Trip Participation Agreement is in consideration for allowing me to travel and volunteer in Guatemala in connection with said Service Trip and but for said Release, I would not be allowed to participate.

Payment Information

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