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December 2017

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September 2017

August 2017 
• 2018 Trips Announced
• Montessori Master Lend

July 2017
• Volunteers in Action
• Master Artist Kevin MacPherson Partners on a Trip with Xela AID, 2018

May/June 2017 
• Grant Brings Clean Water to 15,000 People 
• Xela AID Students Excited to Learn More About Public Speaking 
• Xela AID Leaders Group Shares Groceries with the Community 
• There's Still Time: Register by June 15 for our August 26th Volunteer Trip! 
• Blast from the Past! 
• Xela AID Takes Young People for a Walk in the Woods 

April 20, 2017
• Thank you 2016 Donors! 
• This Stuning Installation Now Open 
• Xela AID Clinic Tests Strategy to 
Improve Access
• 32 Sets of Clothes Donated for Babies 
in Need 
• Deadline April 30: There's Still Time 
to Sign On! 

March 31, 2017
• There's Still Time to Sign Up for Xela AID's Late Summer Trip! 
• Follow Xela AID on Instagram 
• Errata – Glasses Free of Charge!
• Xela AID Welcomes New Board Members
• New Montessori Expterise, New Vegetarian Recipes

February 20, 2017
• Ohana Dorantes Reporting 
• Speed Bumps, Signage a Safety Priority 
• Upcoming Clean Water Project Featured 
• Xela AID Distributes 200 Bags of
School Supplies 
• Xela AID's "Magic of Love" Event Raises Money to Build Montessori Preschool
• Welcome Maria Julia Donis Barillas
• August Volunteer Service Trip
Accepting Applications! 

January 18, 2017 
• "Magic of Love" Fundraising Event February 12, 2017.Tickets On Sale Now!
• Join Our Late Summer Volunteer Service Trip
• Twelve Women Graduate INTECAP
Cooking Class
• Deadline for the May 20-29 Trip is January 20th!
• Deadline Extended for June 2017 Volunteer Trip 
• Proud Participants Graduate from Xela AID Leadership Training Program

December 13, 2016
• Gift cards and Kevin MacPherson
Joins June Trip

November 30, 2016
• Congratulations to High School Graduates! 
• Weekend Volunteer Opportunities with Xela AID at La Verne Farmers Market 
• Xela AID Director Recognized for Lifelong Commitment to Helping Others   
• Xela AID Recognizes International Day of Non-Violence Against Women  
• Twenty-One Students Complete Computing Program 

October 31, 2016

• Registration for 2017 Trips in Full Swing!
• Healing and Helping at Home and Abroad
• Children and Volunteers Work Together to Protect Vision 

September 22, 2016
• Xela AID Welcomes New Board Members, Andrew Dorantes and Patrick Bunton
• Save the Date for "Magic of Love" 
• More "Cluck" Means Better Health

August 31, 2016
• 2017 Trip Dates Announced
• Last Trip of 2016 Welcomes 25 Volunteers
• Welcome Jill Onken, Xela AID's Newest Board Member 
• Supporters Give the Gift of Clean Water

July 25, 2016
• Estrella Becomes a Nurse
• Welcome Ali and Allison 
• Women to Become Chefs with INTECAP Training
• Preschool Moves to Temporary Quarters

June 30, 2016

• Xela AID "Top Rated" by Great Non Profits
• Cal State Fullerton Students Take on Guatemala
• Featured "Angels" Carlos and Claudia 
• Live & Thrive Solidarity Bracelet

May 27, 2016
• New Video: Sponsored Students Thank "Xela AID Angels"
• Volunteers Build, Cook and Teach
• Montessori "Practice Salon" Launched
• Scholarship Awards Reward and Encourage Las Nubes Students

April 22, 2016
• Fabiana's Story
• Study Center Seeking Coach, Advocate, Benefactor
• Carry for a Cause this Spring

April 4, 2016

• March Volunteer Trip, Continued
• Class is in Session
• Potable Water and a Fuel-Efficient Stove for Xela AID Headquaters
• Montessori Teachers in Training
• Stunning Photos Tell the Story
• New Kitchen, New Recipes, Big Smiles

March 24, 2016

• VOSH Team Restores Sight, Livelihood, Joy
• Volunteer Trip Added August 2016
• Rebs' Shells Out for Xela AID
• Xela AID Explore: Wild Alaska

February 22, 2016
• The Power of Computers 
• Southern Feast Benefitting Xela AID
• Xela AID Presentation at Canadian Elementary School
• "Xela AID Explore" Launches: Destination, Wild Alaska

January 22, 2016
• Volunteer This Summer With Xela AID
• Support Us Through Amazon
• Grandparents are Stars of Winning Story
• Seven Students College Bound

December 22, 2015 
• Christmas Shoes for Martin
• Winter Vacation School Keeps Kids Learning
• Leaders Take on the Business World
• Volunteer Jack's Journal
• Emergency Relief: Safe and Dry for Christmas

November 25, 2015
• Give for Good
• Join Us On a Volunteer Trip
• Congrats Grads and WSS Sponsors Xela AID
• Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness
• Appreciated Stock Gifts Information

October 23, 2015
• Follow Xela AID on Linked In
• Join Us On a Volunteer Trip
• Guillermo Bert Collaboration
• Leaders Group Update

September 25, 2015
• Bright Smiles, Bright Future
• Rotary Club-Xela AID Partnership Will Bring Clean Water to San Martin
• New Collaboration and Artist's Reception
• New Project Aims at Protecting Tiny Feet
• Volunteer Mark's Generosity

August 26, 2015
New Must-See Xela AID Video
Meet the Artist in Santa Barbara
New Welcome Center Inaugurated, New Program Announced 
Jewell College and Friends Lead Science Camps in San Martin
Artists and Friends Painted the Town

July 23, 2015 
Young People of Soccer Recycle/DUSC Rocked the Soccer Fields
New Third Floor in Photos 
Xela AID Computer Lab Up and Running 

June 22, 2015
CSUF Volunteer Group Improves Literacy, English and More to San Martin
New Programs and Workshops Launched at Xela AID's Headquarters 
Help Bring Clean Water to Honor Roll Student Julia and her Family
Third Floor Update

May 20, 2015
Xela Aid Staff Receives Montessori Teacher Training
Work Study Scholarship Program (WSS) Continues to Thrive
Xela Aid Celebrates Mothers of the San Martin Community
Learn about our Students on WSS Waiting List

April 21, 2015
First Volunteer Group of 2015 Returns Home After a Great Week of Projects
Farmers Market Benefitting Xela Aid Launched 
Xela AID Volunteer Leads Infant Pack Project
Thanks to New Sponsors

March 12, 2015
Xela Named Sponsor of "La Verne FRESH" Old Town Cetified Farmers Market
Ferocious Wind Storm Hits San Martin Chiquito

February 3, 2015
New "Leaders of the Future" Students 
WSS Graduate: Sandra Catarina Vasquez Guzman
Artist Walter Perez
New EKG Machine to be Installed in Xela AID Clinic
Juana's Taco Cart


December 11, 2014
• Clinic Care: New Caretaker's Kitchen and Paint Job
• Give the Gift of Sponsorship
• Open trip spots for March 2015

October 6, 2014
• "Climb for the Kids" Yields $11,000
• San Martin Sacatepequez' 2nd   Scholastic Olympics
• New Sponsors
• Art Apprenticeship for Walter
• Xela AID Top Rated by GreatNonProfits
• Deadline for March 2015 Volunteer Trip

August 19, 2014
• August Trip Project Stories
• Kilimanjaro Fundraiser Update
• March Volunteer Trip
• Introduction to Dra. Nora Contreras

July 22, 2014

• June Trip Project Stories
• Weaving Demonstration
• March Volunteer Trip Announced
• Avalon Rotary Induction

June 11, 2014
• Xela AID Leaders Update
• New Service Trip Announced
• Weaver Luciana Schedule
• Guatemala Director Swings Into Action

May 15, 2014
• Aidan Jacoby, Volunteer
• Celebrating Kathryn Tuma's 22 Years of Service
• Welcoming Pat Kelly
• Work-Study Students' Progress

April 11, 2014
• Women's Empoerment: Building Self Esteem
"• 10 Days 3 Volcanos" an Exciting Success
• Thank You to Our Newest Angels
• Update on Las Nubes Classroom

March 14, 2014
• June Russel-Glennon Joins the Board
• Top Performers at Las Nubes Rewarded
• Thanks to New Sponsors

March 1, 2014
• Summer Service Trip Deadline Reminders
• WSS Graduate Success Story
• Thank You to New Sponsors

February 20, 2014
• Benefit Concert a Success
• Trip Deadline Reminders
• Welcome Sofia - Computer Lab Coordinator
• Las Nubes Classroom Update

January 20, 2014
• WSS Students Receive Funds
• Summer Trip Deadlines Reminder
• Xela AID Benefit Concert Reminder

December 20, 2013
• 1st Leaders in Action Class Graduates
• Murals Help Foster Clean Environment
• Las Nubes Classroom Update

November 4th, 2013

• Xela AID Joins Amazon Smile
• New Medical Assistant Announcement
• Welcome Program Coordinator Amy Logan

October 24, 2013

• WSS Program's Dulce de León Graduates
• Summer Trip Information Session
2014 Trip Schedule

October 17, 2013
• Xela AID Sponsors Scholastic Olympics
• Las Nubes Classroom Update

August 20, 2013
2013 Service Trips Tour in Photos!
Xela AID
 Trip Reunion Event
Sociodrama Leadership Training
2014 Trip Schedule 

July 16, 2013
New Sponsors Announced
Leadership Training Announced

May 30, 2013
2013 Summer Service Trip Summaries
Weavers Update
Recent Sponsorships Announced
New Xela AID Logo

March 27, 2013
Leaders in Action Microbusiness "Alqifiestas"
Costumes Greatly Accepted
2013 Trips

March 22, 2013
Updates from Our Weaving Cooperative (includes videos)
Children Seeking Sponsors
Xela AID Trips 2013 Announced

November 23. 2012
New Directors Kathy Logan and Sue Rikalo
The Story of Casa Azul
Leaders of the Future In Business!
Clean Water Project Update

September 8. 2012
Summer Volunteer Vacation Updates
First Internet Labs Launched
Lorenzo's Story
Making Xela AID's History: Call for Photos

April 17, 2012
Endowment Milestone Reached
Curing Kids of Parasites
Literacy Program Creating Independence

January 22, 2012
Weavers complete sewing classes
Generosity keeping kids in school

December 13,  2011
20 Anniversary Volunteer Vacations
Annual Winter Fund Drive opportunity

November 15, 2011
Thriller performance raises needed funds
Online Marketplace launched
Educational Scholarships update

October 15, 2011
Literacy Empowering Women
Marketplace Coming Soon
Helping Behind the Scenes
20th Anniversary Trips Announced

September 18, 2011
Summer 2011 trip overview, new educational scholarship sponsors, farewell to Karen E. Edwards, thanks to Girl Scouts, new website, 2012 trip dates announced.

Febuary 24, 2011
School at Loblatzan built by Xela AID 1996 Flourishing
Newest Educational Sponsorships
Diplomas for Students at Study Center
Welcome New Teacher
Summer Service Trips Information

July 1, 2010
Clinic Gets a New Retaining Wall
May/June Volunteers Braved Erruption, Hurricane Weavers Cooperative Reforms
Pig Project Proposed

November 2009
Midwifery intern and the kindness of strangers, PEX Spotlight: The story of Rodrigo, DRI trip participants respond to need, Xela Aid 2010 Volunteer Vacation information

October 2008
Successful PEX Distribution
PED Graduate Gregorio is Mayor of Santa Cruz
June Trip Focused on Education
August Trip Delivered Meds, Planted Fruit Trees

March 2008
Mid-Year Trip to San Martín
New Face at Clinic
Pre-School Facelift
Welcome New PEX Children and Sponsors

Summer 2007
Xela Aid Celebrates 15 Years
New Xela AID Director Welcomed

Winter 2006
Adventure in San Martín
New Ktchen Brings Tradition Home
Gift Sponsorships Available
Use Goodsearch to Benefit Xela Aid

Summer 2006
Clinic Update
Preschool Opens
Summer Trip Marked 14th Year
"San Martín Clean" Launched,
PEX Sponsorship Update