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Part 1 - Xela AID Pledge

Xela AID is devoted to international community development and empowerment, and while in the process, to providing “profoundly enriching experiences for volunteers.” As such, Xela AID trips are group-oriented. In consideration of fellow travelers and the good work we intend to accomplish, those selected as team members are required to take the following Pledge. If you are comfortable with the Xela AID Pledge, a Xela AID Volunteer Trip is likely a good fit for you. The converse is also true. If you feel uncertain about any part of the Pledge, please discuss with a Trip Leader prior to completing a trip application:

*** Orientation - Xela AID formal orientations are completed some months prior to each trip and are conducted by phone. They require a two-hour commitment.

Part 2 - Applicant’s Information

Optional Spanish Study: Been wanting to “habla español” better? Learn in the village for three hours during each service day with one-on-one tutoring from the region’s best teachers!

Optional Back-Strap Weaving: Learn the ancient art of Mayan back-strap weaving. Includes a one-on-one session of 3 hours, and you get to keep the full-sized, authentic loom!

Optional Mayan Cooking: Shop in a traditional market and learn a Mayan recipe from our Master Chef during this 2-3 hour experience.

Wearable Xela AID Items (“Swag”)

One swag item comes with your trip!. A Xela AID Shirt is required so if you do not have a shirt at this time, please select a style of shirt (M or F) and size. If you have traveled with us before and already have a shirt, you may select a shirt or a different item including a Vest, Stonewash Cap or Tote (additional cost may apply).


Part 3 - Trip Costs, What’s Included and Policies

What's Included

All chartered ground transportation, in-country project coordination, hotel accommodations, double or triple occupancy (a Single Room Supplement must be charged for any single room), entrance/honorariums to sights/special activities, tips for Xela AID-paid expenses, international medical/evac insurance. A Xela AID T-Shirt. MEALS: Your first meal is hosted. In Antigua: Breakfast is included at the Hotel Aurora. In Xela – Breakfasts and lunches in the village are included. At Lake Atitlan: Breakfasts or Dinners are included, depending on lodging. Travel-day meals are not included. OPT-IN Packages - As per the description of your particular package. We suggest budgeting at least $25 per day for food, and more if you enjoy liquor!

What's Not Included

1) Airfare. You’ll need to purchase your tickets to and from Guatemala and arrive with the group or prior if you are not traveling on the group schedule. 2) Meals not mentioned. 3) Trip Cancellation Insurance that will cover all costs, including Xela AID costs (recommended). 4) Single Room Supplement if for any reason you room alone. 5) Other Costs resulting from late arrival, personal other. 6) Specialized supplies to complete your custom project. 7) Personal other.

Refund Policy

Your $500 deposit is integral to our planning since it is used to book hotels, purchase supplies, and to pay our caring staff who expend considerable time and effort planning a wonderful experience for you. Your deposit is therefore non-refundable if for any reason your plans should change. Opt-In Packages may be canceled and refunded until the completion of the first scheduled group orientation only. For these reasons, we advise that you purchase trip cancellation insurance. The balance of fees are refundable as follows: 100% within 91 days of travel; 50% within 61 days of travel, and 25% within 31 days of travel. We regret that we cannot refund monies within 30 days of travel. Thank you for your support and understanding. Please note that as a volunteer, 100% of your contribution and in-country expenses are generally tax deductible (please consult your tax professional). A tax receipt for the full amount contributed through Xela AID is provided by January 31 of the year following your participation. We suggest you keep a copy of meal receipts and airfare which may also be fully tax deductible.


We are here to answer any questions you may have. The Xela AID office is generally open M-F 9:00-5:00, and may be closed when we are traveling internationally. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us at, or (714) 232-8669.

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