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Xela AID Work Study Scholarships
Long Beach
United States
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Rose Weston  $ 386 2017-11-02


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Hi, my name is Pedro Eliseo and I'm 13 years old! I started middle school this year, we call it "Basico" and it's a total of 3 years, then comes high school. I passed all my subjects in the first quarter. I have 3 favorite subjects: Math, Language and Computer Lab. My best friend is Antonio, I like to play with him and other friends during the recess at school.

On days off or for my vacation I work with my grandpa, he works in the fields (as a farmer). I'd like to be a teacher one day to teach many children what I've learned. Thanks in advance for your support! 

 $ 390 Yearly
Sponsor Info Amount Date
Rose Weston  $ 386 2017-11-02