Perfect your Spanish while helping a student’s dream come true

Want to increase your vocabulary for travel, learn medical Spanish, improve your conversational Spanish or pursue another theme? Each Zoom session for Advanced Beginners, intermediate or Advanced Spanish speakers is private, and focused on improving your Spanish vocabulary and fluency. Practice Sessions are up to 1-½ hours each, scheduled weekly at a time convenient for you and your Practice Partner.

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Our Practice Partners are young people who are studying or perfecting job skills. Your support helps make it possible for them to complete their education or internships so that they can become professionals and thrive!

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Practice Partners

Alberto Ramirez, our Practice Partner who is also employed part-time by Local Hope, is a young man with big dreams. He is originally from San Martín Sacatepéquez, and has returned to school to become an accountant after having to abandon his education earlier in his life to go to work and help support his large family, including 3 brothers, and 2 sisters. In 2019, Alberto’s love for learning and his deep desire to return to school was recognized by Local Hope staff, and he was recruited to join our Leadership Program. Now supported by a LEAP Educational Scholarship, Alberto has returned to school, some 14 years later! To continue to help his family, while he is studying, Alberto works as a receptionist in Local Hope’s Eco-Guest House. Provided a tutor in 2020 by Local Hope, Alberto is thankfully bilingual—Spanish and English—and has already enjoyed being a Local Hope Practice Partner with his first clients.

Practice Partner Sergio Israel Gómez Pérez wishes to study Hotel and Tourism Administration at a university after he finishes his gastronomy coursework at a private technical school. He is the third of six brothers and sisters, and he helps to suppot his large, single-mother family. When his family became fatherless, when he was child, Sergio began to work at odd jobs and eventually in construction. In January 2021, Local Hope staff recognized Sergio's love of learning and his deep desire to continue studying, and recruited him to join our Leadership Training Program. Now, with the support of a LEAP Educational Scholarship, Sergio will complete his gastronomy degree and have the opportunity to study Hospitality and Tourism Management at university in the near future. His work as a Practice Partner will help him fund his studies!
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