Cecilia Esmeralda Rojas Lopez

Cecilia Esmeralda Rojas Lopez

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Cecilia Esmeralda (15) began High School in 2021 at the La Colina School, located in San Juan Ostuncalco, specializing in medicine. Eventually she wants to be able to help sick people, especially those who are unfamiliar with modern medicine or who believe that they have incurable diseases because of a lack of knowledge. She is the youngest of 7 children, having two brothers and four sisters. Her favorite subject at school is fundamental physics. She likes to listen to Christian music and is a keen reader. In her free time, she likes to review her schoolwork, watch videos related to her intended medical career or watch sports programs and movies. The only family member working at home is her sister, who is a teacher at a school in the mornings. As the only breadwinner, her sister is responsible for the entire family’s ability to sustain themselves. A sponsor that will enable Cecilia to move forward with her goal to become a doctor would be an enormous help to both her and her family.