Emely L.

Emely L.

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Emely is 19 years old and in her first year of college studying nursing at the Universidad da Vinci in Quetzaltenango. She has her classes all day on Saturdays with homework given to her for the rest of the week. Graduating from high school has been the highlight of her life because her success at that level had motivated her to move on and study for a college degree. She felt that it was a time for the whole family to share the joy of her achievements, however it was also challenging because she had given up studying for two years because of a lack of financial resources. Of all her classes so far, she has enjoyed the principles of nursing, chemistry and the care of mothers and children the most. Emely is the second of three children (she and her two brothers) and they have two puppies Dulce and Sparky. Her parents and her older brother support the family financially. Emely said that her family is very close and although their time together is limited, she loves to hear her parents’ stories.