Jose Martin Ramirez Mendez

Jose Martin Ramirez Mendez

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Jose Martin is in his third year of a degree at the Panamericana University in San Juan Ostuncalco studying Social Sciences Education. Jose is happy with the way that classes are being delivered and said that the material is easy to understand. He feels that he has made academic advances because now he has the tools to teach and is better able to manage the children in his classroom. He does not have a favorite subject, but he enjoys all of his courses at college. Jose has three brothers and he is the youngest of four children, although now only two family members (Jose and his mother) live at his home. Both he and his mother work in agriculture, harvesting their own vegetables that are sold locally and together they pay for the household expenses. They are careful to keep the tradition of attending church together with other family members at the weekend. Respect and friendship characterize their family life.

When he is not studying or working, Jose likes to listen to music (especially romantic music in Spanish), watch movies on television or play soccer with other family members. Eventually he wants to teach in a private school. He considers himself a fun person who does not like to get angry and what he likes most about himself is his ability to get things done.