Magdalena V.

Magdalena V.

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Magdalena is 16 years old, and she has completed her last year of middle school at the IMEBCO school in San Martin Sacetepequez. During the recesses, Magdalena enjoys playing soccer with her friends, and of course chatting with them too. She is excited about her plans to move on to high school in 2024 but she needs a new sponsor to support her.
During a typical week, Magdalena shares lunch with all her immediate family members and she loves to chat to them and catch up with their news or talk about the future that they dream of. Magdalena feels passionately about access to educational opportunities for all Guatemalan children. During her free time, she likes listening to music.
Magdalena has been a successful LEAP Scholar for approximately 6 years. A new sponsor will mean that she can continue to study without her family worrying about the associated costs and bring her dream of graduating from high school closer.