Alicia dreamed of being a teacher, but she knew her parents could not support her studies. However, she was determined, and she studied hard. At age 17, she presented her excellent grades to Xela AID staff, who hired her to help launch an adult literacy program. Alicia’s salary covered expenses at home and at school, and her parents agreed to let her continue studying. When a young woman in Xela AID’s Leadership Training program graduated from college, Alicia was inspired. Six years later, her dream came true. She earned a teaching credential and become a teacher and for several years taught at Xela AID’s Montessori Preschool.

Educational Impact by the Numbers

Total learning hours yearly average for individuals in Local Hope’s educational programs: 286,860

Nutritious meals yearly average served to preschoolers: 25,440

Number of students in Xela AID’s Work Study Scholarship program (2023): 170