Catarina never went to school. As a child, she spent long days in the fields with her parents planting and harvesting potatoes. But she wanted more. When Xela AID began a literacy program in her village, Catarina was one of the first to sign up. Today, she reads and writes at fifth-grade level. Through the program, she has also learned to sew, and she gives back by tutoring adult women in her neighborhood. Catarina still farms potatoes, and is saving money to make sure her daughter, Sylvia, can go to high school. “ I am so grateful that I am now able to read to my children,” Catarina says. “ And I am proud that my two older children are top students.”

Women’s Empowerment by the Numbers

Women and girls empowered through education, health, economic development and emergency relief programs yearly (average): 4,500

Percentage of women enrolled in all educational programs as a yearly average: 70%+

Overall percentage of services provided to women annually: 70%+