After graduating from college, Arlene’s next career move evaded her. “ Something was missing in my life,”  the 22-year-old recalls. When an opportunity to study abroad presented itself, she jumped at the chance. In the village of San Martín, where Xela AID is based, Arlene taught adult women the alphabet, how to write their names and more. These activities gave her a sense of purpose and the desire to continue to serve. “ Xela AID staff bring resources, hope, and they’ve changed thousands of lives,”  she says. Arlene is now a Xela AID staff member. “ Serving others less fortunate gives me an indescribable joy, and it will remain a part of my life.”

Volunteerism by the Numbers

Number of volunteers engaged in life-changing service experience per year: 90-120

In-country volunteer service hours average: 14,500