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“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.


Ensure High-Quality Physical and Mental Health Care in Rural Guatemala

A child who is sick and suffering can’t study or learn. An ailing parent can’t provide for their family. In the Guatemalan highlands, 80 percent of the residents lack consistent access to clean water and medical care. Adults and children from rural areas regularly suffer from illnesses left untreated—many of which could have been prevented. Guatemala has the highest infant mortality rate in the Americas, with 25 in a thousand children perishing before their first birthday. In rural areas, that rate doubles. Respiratory infections are the leading cause of death, followed by domestic violence. Sadly, in some communities, up to 9 in 10 households report domestic violence.

Physical and mental health are central to Local Hope’s mission “to empower families and communities to be healthy, educated and self-reliant.” Local Hope’s Xela AID Clinic provides underserved children and families in the Guatemalan highlands with high-quality health and mental health care that they otherwise could not access. And our continually improving programs model excellence in rural health care that can be reproduced and scaled for use in other communities.

As an “A-Team” Member you’ll support:
  1. Salaries of qualified medical and mental health professionals
  2. Medicines used at our Local Hope Xela AID Clinic such as those used to support biannual exams and treatment for vulnerable children
  3. Medical Supplies used daily, including PPE
  4. Sanitary Birthing Supplies for midwives who still deliver 70% of the children in the region, and
  5. In-Home Water Filters to stop infection at its source
  6. Public outreach programs like deworming children and educating the community about measures to minimize the impact of the COVID pandemic.

Far-Reaching Community Benefit – “A-Team” Members help keep children healthy and studying, and families healthy and able-bodied so they can work and prosper in the safety of their own communities.

We invite you to become a Member or Founding Member!

> Members contribute at Local Hope’s “Members” level, $250 annually via a single annual gift or divided into monthly contributions ($21 per month) or more.

> Founding Members contribute $100 per month/$1200 annually or more.

Contributions specifically support Local Hope’s Physical and Mental Health Care programs. (See our “Benefits of Membership” listed below.)


THANK YOU - We are grateful to all of our supporters, and especially recognize our current FOUNDING MEMBERS: • Dr. Frank LongDr. Jim and Debbie BruceMel and Leslie DinkelCheryl Carter Dr. Steve Kent. We invite you to join us!


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New Member Premium: Make your first annual contribution and receive an A-Team mouse pad to thank you and remind you daily of the positive impact you are having in the health and well-being of an entire community!

  • Personal updates from our “A-Team” Support Group President to keep you up on the impact your support is having.

  • A complimentary subscription to “News from Guatemala,” Local Hope’s online monthly e-newsletter packed full of uplifting photo and news from the field on our progress.

  • 10% off one of our volunteer trips to Guatemala (after completing the minimum annual contribution).

  • And most importantly, the satisfaction of knowing you are making a significant, positive impact on the health of children, families in the Guatemalan highlands. Thank you!
A sampling of A-Team Initiatives:
  • Health and Mental Health Care Operations - Provide high-quality medical, dental, vision and mental health care for marginalized children and families in the San Martín Sacatepequez region.

  • Happy Families – Individual and group therapy, and ongoing training for young children, addressing fears and frustrations peacefully and constructively.

  • Safe Births – Support local midwives with training, supplies and medical support when necessary

  • Healthy Kids – Biannual checkups and treatments to rid children of parasites which rob children of the nutrition provided by foods, cause infections, can cause or exacerbate malnutrition. If left untreated this chronic condition can be life-threatening.

We at Local Hope are grateful to every “A-Team” Member for supporting health care initiatives which are vital to Local Hope’s mission “to empower families and communities to be healthy, educated, and self-reliant.”


(You may cancel at any time)

For questions or to learn more about how to join the A-Team and become a valued "A-Team" Member, you may contact Local Hope’s Committee to Model Excellence in Health Care Member Dr. Steve Kent.

Any Health Care Professional who may be interested in joining our Committee to Model Excellence in Rural Health Care may contact our Chair Dr. James Bruce who will get back to you to discuss this opportunity.

Additional Current Members of the Committee to Model Excellence in Rural Health Care

Dr. Frank LongDr. Steve KentMel DinkelLeslie Baer Dinkel

Benefits apply to the Member. Local Hope Guatemala, also known as Xela AID Partnerships for Self Reliance, is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation, EIN #45-3658025. All or part of your contributions may be tax-deductible.