Emergency Relief

You Can Help

While Xela AID's works to empower self-reliance through Education, Health, Small Business Development and Clean Water programs, critical needs arise for which at times, Xela AID is the only local agency with relief capability. Our Emergency Fund makes it possible for us to respond to tragic and unforeseen circumstances that can be life-threatening. Our current Emergency Relief efforts include:

Food Security

We provide food to families who come to us hungry, sometimes having gone days without a meal. To preserve dignity, we find ways that family members can pitch in at our headquarters—painting a wall, sweeping up, or doing other work for which they may be qualified. A hungry family is never turned away.


Children are sometimes orphaned or abandoned. Xela AID works to place children with loving homes, and uses our Emergency Fund to cover expenses.


Children who have no shoes or have inappropriate foot ware to walk along unpaved roads and often, through areas strewn with dangerous waste, are an accident waiting to happen. Xela AID’s "Shoes for Xela AID" program gets kids into shoes they can live with, and prosper.

Relief During Natural Disasters

During a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane or flood, Xela AID’s headquarters becomes the operations center for the Red Cross. In the past, Xela AID has provided food, pure drinking water, blankets and temporary shelter for hundreds of people who have been temporarily displaced.