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Xela AID empowers people who are critically underserved so that they can become self reliant. Our volunteers play a big role in helping us to deliver on that ambitious mission! For those who accompany us on volunteer service trips, we make it our job and promise to provide “a profoundly enriching experience for our volunteers.”

We do that by blending tourism, service work, cultural interchange, and using a few tricks we’ve learned along the way to deepen connections among the group and with the people we work with in rural communities. It’s a formula for what’s been called a “magical experience” that’s earned us a “Top Rated” status from Great Non-Profits, an industry watch dog!


Each of our volunteer service trips is a bit different, customized to the interests and talents of our group. A trip may include one, two or more locations, but always includes both service work and getting to know beautiful places and unique cultures in and near Guatemala.

On a typical trip, we’ll spend a day our two taking in sights to get acquainted with Guatemala and it’s history and people. We’ll spend two, three, four or more days in the village doing our service work which will match your talents and physical ability with local need. You’ll get to know the people of the area as you go, and will leave knowing some of them by name. We’ll wager you’ll leave joining the ranks of the many who have called the journey “life changing.” That is our hope.

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We’ve been told through surveys by those who participate in our volunteer trips that we consistently exceed their expectations. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what our volunteers have said in their reviews on Great Non-Profits, where (did I mention?) we’ve been consistently Top Rated!

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Our volunteers are often deeply moved by their Xela AID experience, and upon occasion share something they’ve created in response.  Some of their submissions are included at the following link:

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