Fuel Jobs and Small Businesses

Beating Poverty with Skills and Jobs

In an area where unemployment still tops a whopping 80%, it pays to develop marketable specialty skills or to be able to start your own, well-thought-out business. Xela AID offers training for skills across the spectrum, from budgeting, computer skills and soldering to more traditional skills such as cooking, knitting, and needlepoint—all of which can be turned into extra income or a bona fide small business.

Developing Entrepreneurs

Xela AID provides specialized training and resources to those who’ve prospered in our education, literacy and skill-building programs who want to continue on to make extra family income or to become their own bosses with a serious business. We’ve prepared entrepreneurs to run their small businesses and have helped to launch a number of them with microloans. Some examples include:

> Tesoros del Corazón Fair Trade Weaving Cooperative – It is not only helping to preserve the art of ancient backstrap weaving, but increased the annual income of participants by 300%.

> Alquifiestas Party Rental Business – Opened by graduates from our Leadership Training Program, the party rental business filled a niche in the community.

> San Martín Sausage Co. – Business is booming for the sausage makers who began small and now prepare more than 50 pounds of delicious sausage per month for the community, including vegetarian options that are served at Xela AID headquarters.

> Taco Cart Business – This small business augments the income of a single mother raising two children, allowing her to work when and where works best for her and her family.

> Small Stationary Store – This is being run out of a home to fill the need for supplies for local high school students. It is effectively supplementing a families income.

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