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To reduce incidences of illness, Xela AID has worked since its inception to provide instruction and materials to increase best practices in hygiene. At its clinic, patients are regularly reminded of practices that reduce illness including boiling water, safe preparation of foods, hand washing, bathing, dental care, regular house cleaning, laundering of clothing and delousing. Clinic staff use rudimentary visual aids as well as videos.

Xela AID regularly supplies supporting materials to clinic clients, including soap, tooth brushes, toothpaste and sanitary napkins.

In the future, Xela AID aims to use technology and the availability of high-quality video on the Internet to update and improve delivery of these programs, as well as increase understanding and implementation success. Additionally, the project aims to increase understanding about linkages between illness and improper sanitation, and to increase use of latrines as one measure to address contamination of agricultural fields and streams.