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At right: Xela AID Clinic staff provide ongoing health care services that integrate local knowledge of medicinal plants and include a focus on health education, prevention and family planning. Below left, Clinic facility.

In 2005, Xela AID completed construction of the June Russel-Glennon Clinic. Xela AID's abiding local presence in the San Martín Sacatepequez region and positive relationship with Guatemala's Health Ministry of San Martín Sacatepequez, the San Martín Sacatepequez Municipal Clinic, Hospital General of Quetzaltenango and private health providers, make it possible for Xela AID to be a trusted and effective health care partner in the region.
About Xela AID's Clinic
The June Russel-Glennon Clinic and Community Center was built by Xela AID and opened in the spring of 2005. The facility is located in the community of San Martin Chiquito, 60 miles from Quetzaltenango, locally known as Xela (pronounced "Shay-la'). This long-needed facility serves 10,000 people in San Martin Chiquito and surrounding communities as a health facility, providing general medicine, vaccination and family planning services, dentistry and optometry services. The facility is well equipped, largely with the help of Direct Relief International, one of Xela AID's founding partners.
Xela AID has forged long-term relationships with organized groups of midwives and individual practitioners. The Clinic serves as a sanitary birthing facility to approximately 40 midwives. It serves as the Xela AID's base of operations, and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday with emergency services available on-call and a dentist on site once a week. Optometry services are offered intermittently. The Clinic includes a well-equipped pharmacy.
The second floor of the Clinic houses Xela AID's Study Center, serving children and young adults daily, weekdays. The Clinic is also a base of operation for preventative health education and environmental learning. literacy center, and as a community gathering place. Trainings take place intermittently on topics spanning weaving, midwifery and hygiene to candle-making and sewing. There are also bathrooms and showering facilities, hot water, storage, and a caretaker's quarters complete with a full traditional kitchen.
Xela AID's Clinic is also a shelter and operations hub for disaster relief efforts in times of inclement weather and natural disaster.
Your Support of Community Health will Help Replace Poverty with Abundance...
Children who are sick cannot learn, nor can ailing parents support their families. All Xela AID projects, including significant outreach in support of health - are designed to remove the obstacles that keep children from receiving a good education - key to overcoming poverty for the long run.

With a good business plan in place that creates revenues through sublet to a laboratory, and a modest stream of income from exams offered at Q10 (a tenth of the normal average cost), the clinic is already partially self-sustaining. Prescriptions are filled at a token cost, and are free of charge to those with insufficient resources.
Revenues generated by the Clinic are currently insufficient to cover operating expenses, although additional streams of funding are being developed. You can help us "keep the clinic open" (KCO) by becoming a sustaining member of the KCO Club. Read more at KCO Club or Donate now and we'll add you to our Honor Roll of Donors. Your gift will save lives. Thank you! 

Visitors and Volunteer Groups Welcome
Visitors are welcomed to the facility during pre-arranged visits, and volunteers are accepted for participation in self-funded projects. For additional information, contact us.