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“Children enrolled in pre-primary school are more likely to stay in school, attain minimum reading and math competencies…to enter school on time, to complete grades, and complete primary and secondary school—yet half the world’s children are still missing out.”

— UNICEF Study


Education is the first vital step in breaking the cycle of poverty. In Guatemala, only 1 in 10 rural, indigenous children will graduate from high school. When a child attends our Xela AID Montessori Preschool, those odds flip and 9 in 10 will graduate from high school. Our preschool provides underserved children in the Guatemalan highlands with the highest quality preschool education available in the country. Children around the world availed of the Montessori method score higher than the general population of learners in math, reading, writing, analytical skills and self esteem—the building blocks of a successful life.

As a member, you’ll be an innovator—part of a new model of excellence in rural education that will help children who traditionally have been marginalized and forgotten, to get a head start in their education and to thrive! Your contribution will support:

  1. The salaries of qualified teachers
  2. High-quality teaching materials
  3. Yearly medical exams and treatment
  4. Nutritious meals for these highly vulnerable preschoolers

Benefits Across Generations – Head Start Hero Support Group Members will flip the odds for indigenous children and help ensure they get an education. This has far-reachng effects, since children who are educated overwhelmingly go on to educate their own children, the first step in breaking the chains of poverty.


We invite you to become a Member, Ambassador or Benefactor!

> Members contribute $250 annually via a single annual gift or divided into monthly contributions ($21 per month) or more.

> Ambassadors contribute $100 per month/$1200 annually or more.

> Benefactors contribute $200 per month/$2400 annually or more.

Contributions specifically support Local Hope’s Xela AID Montessori Preschool initiatives described here. (See our “Benefits of Membership” listed below.)




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Most importantly, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a significant, positive impact on the life of highly vulnerable children and in addition, help their families and communities to prosper. Additionally, as a token of our appreciation, we also offer the following:

  • New Member Premium: Make your first annual contribution and receive a Head Start Hero mouse pad featuring preschoolers to thank you and remind you daily of the positive impact you are having on the lives of vulnerable children!
  • Personal updates from our Head Start Hero Support Group leadership to keep you up on the impact your support is having on preschool children.
  • A complimentary subscription to “News from Guatemala,” Local Hope’s online monthly e-newsletter packed full of uplifting photos and news from the field on our progress.
  • A one-time discount of 10% on one of our volunteer trips to Guatemala (after completing the minimum annual contribution). 


  • Preschool Operations - Provide a “head start” for marginalized children, most of whom are the indigenous poor, by making possible a high-quality Montessori preschool education for up to 90 preschoolers annually, some of whom have special needs.
  • Medical Care - All children in Local Hope’s Xela AID Montessori Preschool receive a medical exam each year, and treatment as needed throughout the school year at no charge. This includes bi-annual treatment for parasitic infections which are diagnosed in up to 91 percent of rural Guatemalan children.
  • Daily Nutrition, Healthy Kids - Up to half of all preschool-aged children in rural Guatemala are malnourished. Members' funds provide nutritious food that preschoolers prepare in the classroom as part of their Practical Life training. Where needed, we also provide them nutritional supplements.
  • Literate Parents – Children learn more when parents are literate and can support them in their studies. Head Start Hero Members’ funds also support parents by giving them access to Local Hope’s Adult Literacy Training Program so they can learn to read, write, and support their children’s education.

(You may cancel at any time)

Questions? - For questions or to learn more about Head Start Heroes or our Montessori Preschool Program in Guatemala, you may contact Sherry Robin [Sherry leads our Education Forever Committee].

Want to Do More to Guarantee a Head Start for Vulnerable Preschoolers? – Anyone interested in joining our Education Forever Committee to Model Excellence in Rural Education may contact our Co-Chair Sue Rikalo who will get back to you to discuss this opportunity.

THANK YOU - We are grateful to all of our supporters, and especially recognize our current Benefactors and Ambassadors:

BENEFACTORS: Sherry Robin • SG Foundation • AMB Foundation • Mel Dinkel and Leslie Baer Dinkel • Helen Dinkel

AMBASSADORS: Sue Rikalo Terri Bassman Cheryl Carter • Leon Kaplan • Alberta Kimball Mary Anhaltzer Foundation • Light a Single Candle Foundation

We at Local Hope are grateful to every Head Start Hero for supporting our preschool program which is vital to Local Hope’s mission “to empower families and communities to be healthy, educated, and self-reliant.”


Benefits apply to the Member. Local Hope Guatemala, also known as Xela AID Partnerships for Self-Reliance, is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation, EIN #45-3658025. All or part of your contributions may be tax-deductible.