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Fidelus Coraza Morveli grew up in a humble home in the foothills of Cusco, Perú. To help her family make ends meet she began work at age 13. As a young woman studying, she battled the sterotype that girls belonged at home and not in the classroom. Despite significant challenges, she graduated from college. Through it all, Fidelus has always been driven to help others.

The Drive to Help - A Peruvian historian who has run a successful tour agency since 2014, Fidelus has always used her own earnings to help others. “I see in them myself, and my own struggles,” she describes. From school supplies, clothing and holiday gatherings pre-pandemic, to spending much of her savings to feed her village during the Covid years, Fidelus most certainly leads with her heart. She has dreamed of starting a formal organization to help others, and now, that dream is coming true.

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A Partnership is Born - In 2018, Local Hope Board Members made a trip to Perú in search of the right guide to provide a profoundly enriching “bucket-list” experience for participants in a Local Hope Explore Trip to that country. A chance meeting in a crosswalk followed by an exciting discussion of possibilities suggested that Fidelus was the person we sought. She spoke with enthusiasm and authority about her country and ancestors, the Inca. Her close ties with indigenouse Quechua communities and her understanding of community needs made it possible to incorporate a service element into a trip. Her knowledge bundled with her boundless enthusiasm resulted in several highly successful Explore trips, and the desire on Local Hope’s part to assist Fidelus.


Replicating Our Model - In 2023, while she pursued non-profit status in Perú, Local Hope brought Fidelus to Guatemala to train with our staff to learn the ropes of running a non-profit organization. We continue to provide training and administrative support for her project which aligns with Local Hope’s mission and is consistent with our vision of replicating our succesful model for sustainable community development. In late 2023, Perú Ancestral Hope received non-profit status in Perú.

We invite you to share in this journey.



We invite you to sponsor, or partner with someone to sponsor, one of the major expenses in Perú Ancestral Hope’s first set of projects. Benefitting from Local Hope’s decades of experience, Perú Ancestral Hope will pilot a Study Center featuring Montessori enrichment, a Literacy Program, and a Nutrition Program, all in the underserved village of Chinchero.

Note: We aim to raise a 3-year budget prior to initiating this project

Sponsorship Opportunities 1/Yr
Salary for 1 Teacher $2336
Monthly Materials for up to 20 students $1143
Rent for Classroom Space $600
Nutritious Snacks for Children $1635
Full Program Support $5741
Classroom furniture and initial, permanent lesson materials are being generously provided by Sherry Robin, Local Hope Board Member and Mentor to this new program.    

Receive a Tax Deduction - You can support Perú Ancestral Hope and receive a tax deduction through our Local Hope Portal by selecting “Perú Ancestral Hope” on our Donation form. Please specify which need you would like to direct your gift to in “Description,” or write, “Use where needed most.”

We thank you ahead of time for helping to make Fidelus’ dream come true, and for sharing the journey of Perú Ancestral Hope as it grows!

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"Life has taught me that with a little support you can change lives. I have faith that there are good-hearted people who, like me, want to bring hope and opportunities to those most in need, because each person deserves a future full of possibilities.”

Fidelus Coraza Morveli