Promoter Rebecca Kaplan
Long Beach
United States
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Rebecca Kaplan  $ 375 2018-01-15


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Ana is 8 years old and she’s in 3rd grade. She had surgery once when she was sick, but Ana doesn’t know exactly what was the surgery for.  She likes to play dolls during the recess at school. Her best friend at school is Deisy.  What she likes the most of school is to read fairy tales.  She reads slowly, but she likes to practice.  Ana says she’d like to be a teacher one day and teach other children like her. She was 5 years old when she started learning how to weave with back strap loom, her mother taught her.  She likes to stay home and weave her “huipil” when she has days off at school.  She’s attending the tutoring program at Xela AID in the afternoon and she likes it.  Thank you for supporting Ana!



 $ 375 Yearly