Karla Renee Elis Hoffens

Karla Renee Elis Hoffens

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Karla Renee is pursuing a career as an architect at the Mesoamericana University in Quetzaltenango using their online teaching platform. Her favorite course is Advanced Urban Design. When she has qualified, she sees herself working in an architectural practice designing pleasing artistic spaces and environments where people can feel happy and comfortable. Karla considers herself a fun, sociable and interesting person with a knack of being able to talk to all kinds of people. What she likes most about herself is her creativity, sense of humor and never being bored. Karla likes to listen to music (usually Lofi) and read her favorite book “Lo Mano Que Piensa” by J. Pallasma.
Karla is the youngest of three children and she has two brothers. Her mother works as a psychologist at Xela Aid, and her father works in the hydroelectric industry. The Hoffens family always uphold their tradition of eating dinner together every night. Hard work, honesty, love, cheerfulness and helping other people and animals characterize their family life.